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Spatial Facilities

The office of our department is located on the 3rd floor, Room 307 of the Science Building. The teaching facilities on each floor are as follows:

1st Floor: Lecture Hall (Room 101).

2nd Floor: General Chemistry Laboratory (Room 201), Nanomaterials Chemistry Laboratory (Room 203), Highly Interactive Classroom (Room 206), Seminar Room (Room 209), Instrument Room, and Chemistry Faculty Research Room.

3rd Floor: General Biology Laboratory (Room 301A), Biotechnology Laboratory (Room 301B), Evolutionary Biology Lab (Room 302), Zooplankton Laboratory (Room 309), Instrument Room, and Biology Faculty Research Room.

4th Floor: General Physics Laboratory (Room 401A, 406), Physics Hands-on Laboratory (Room 401B), Scientific Maker Laboratory (Room 404), Instrument Room, Physics Faculty Research Room, and Conference Room (Room 407B).

5th Floor: General Earth Science Laboratory (Room 501), Instrument Room, Seminar Room (Room 506C), and Earth Science Faculty Research Room.

6th Floor (Roof): Observatory (Room 601).