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Distinctive Features of the Department

1. Long History: Our university is the oldest teacher education institution in Taiwan, and our department has accumulated the richest experience in elementary school teacher education throughout the country.

2. Interdisciplinary Integration: Our department is currently the only one in Taiwan with the name "Department of Science Education."

(a) The expertise of our faculty and the curriculum design cover chemistry, biology, physics, earth sciences, and science education, showcasing the integration of the natural science fields. This allows students to establish a broad foundation in the sciences, expand their perspectives in cross-disciplinary specialties, and gain advantages for future academic and industrial endeavors across diverse fields.

(b) Our department is the only one in the country that offers a seamless educational development for elementary school science education teacher training and research from undergraduate to master's and doctoral levels.

3. Embracing Diversity:

(a) Our department includes both applied science and science education research and teaching, providing students with opportunities to learn from different disciplines.

(b) Activities for our students, study groups, seminars, and capacity-building workshops all adopt an integrated approach between applied science and science education or run in parallel tracks.

4. Broad Professional Perspectives:

(a) Each year, our department sends teachers and students abroad for training or to present their research results at conferences, enhancing international exchanges.

(b) Our faculty actively participate in guiding science education in elementary schools across the country, combining teacher training courses with practical teaching experiences. We also support various central and local government review and guidance activities, including project reviews by the Ministry of Science and Technology, textbook reviews by the National Institute for Compilation and Translation, evaluations for national and regional science exhibitions in primary and secondary schools, science education and environmental education promotion in central and local governments, and the compilation and publication of science education guidance materials. We fully embrace the role of an education university in providing outreach services.